SelfieI began my long affair with art and abstracts when I was only 8 years old living in the Communistic Poland. I have used my mother’s nail vanishes to get the layer of texture and color to create my first abstract.

The themes of my work are many and varied over the years; My paintings are triggered by someone or something I experienced in life, although then might take me years for everything to come into place like an art map of my personal life.

All the artists that I admire from the past did what I do now, which is to look at the world they live in. Like Egon Schiele in my nude-canvases I rebel against chaste. My work resonates with the feminist belief of the political as well as personal in ‘Free the Nipple’ equality campaign, supporting feminine body equality and empowerment through art to defeat female body oppression and archaic censorship laws. My latest ‘THE BEST OF HER’ triptych collage is about the rite of passage that addresses complexities of being a woman, with the light note and dash of mischief between the lines. Go to ARTWORKS – 'The Best of Her'

In 2015 I turned my attention to representational painting in my ‘ONLY WE KNOW’ series. I used flowers as subject matter presenting the sexual anatomy of the flower in sharp focus, expressing hidden ways of portraying my encounter with the leading man in my life. Like Georgia O’Keeffe interpreted her abstractions as expressions of her sexuality by drawing attention to the inherent androgyny of this subject. Go to ARTWORKS – New Arrivals- 'Only We Know'.

I enjoy the lack of any rules in art and painting which makes my work free flowing, uninhibited, bold and colorful. I have worked in many mediums over the years but I love the freedom of big, bold, tactile finger-strokes and multilayering that acrylic/spray-paint allows. Every picture has a significant story from my life almost in a provoke way! It is like on the canvas I am chasing the real in human interactions and portrayal of a 21-century woman. At the heart of my work lies an endless search. In the literal sense this has been about telling a story. Deciphering my art is probably like unraveling my most private thoughts and feelings looking at it in a Rorschach way.


Please feel free to contact me for info on prices, commissions, forthcoming exhibitions or anything else you may want to know about my art.

Enjoy it.